ICON RE OY, which is part of the Icon capital group, operates in Poland and other EU countries. Since 2015, it has also been successfully doing business in Finland and Estonia.

 The Icon Group is an experienced investor with a strong capital standing, with full competence to handle all aspects of the investment process, from project initiation, through architectural conception and project management, to real-estate commercialization and marketing and the management of real-estate portfolios.

 Our underlying philosophy is to create new categories of products by opting for the highest quality of design while retaining the original mood and unique character of the given site and place.

 Thus a partial revitalization of a vintage tenement at 4 Satamakatu Street in the historical Helsinki neighbourhood of Katajanokka will make possible the rediscovery of a very special living space.

 Meeting expectations and needs for changes in urban and architectural development, Icon Real Estate OY  investment portfolio includes also office-to-home projects. The conversion of an office building at Särkiniementie Street into a residential building will enable its residents to enjoy the charms of one of the most beautiful public parks in Helsinki.

 Iconic Pirita, an exclusive building enjoying a superb location in one of the most prestigious neighbourhoods in Tallinn, offers extensive residential and leisure functions for the most demanding of clients.


In order to protect our image on the Finnish market, we are compelled to inform that in connection with the name collision, any identification of our company Icon RE Oy with Icon Corporation, Icon Found or its subsidiaries, including insinuations of capital, personal, legal and any other connections are incorrect and unlawful.
The company under the brands Icon Real Estate and Icon RE has been present in Poland and Europe for nearly 15 years. The coincidence of the names with Finnish companies Icon Corporation, Icon Found or any other subsidiary of their capital group is absolutely random.

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