ICONRE  has been successfully performing developer projects, implemented in the housing, office and commercial space areas, both in Poland and selected states across Europe.

Throughout 14 years the organization has extended its portfolio with high-end housing investments, such as Piano House, located in the District of Powiśle, surrounded by abundance of greenery, Villa Fiano, situated in the charming borough of Stary Mokotów, drawing on the best traditions of modernism, or cozy suites of Villa Onyx, based in Saska Kępa, known for its relaxed ambiance.  

In addition, ICON RE conducts commercial investment. The latest project covers  restoration of the tenement house at Poznańska 37, that is going to house an AAA+ boutique office building, meeting top standards and holding, as the one and only, a green certificate. The investment is located in the very center of the capital city, vibrant with life.

Projects, ICON RE is involved in, regardless of their characteristics, stand out among other market competitors not only due to the their standard, yet because of originality they represent. All investments have been made using top quality materials. Cooperation with the best, the most experienced and full of passion architects and designers as well as with the focus on details, provides a sense of timelessness to each and every investment.

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