We are pleased to inform you that we have begun leasing of office spaces in a tenement house at the Poznańska 37 street, one of the most modern office buildings located in historical object in the Center of Warsaw. The office building is situated in the business center of the city, between Aleje Jerozolimskie and Nowogrodzka street in Warsaw.

Poznańska 37 is a luxuorius, boutique project of a A+ class office building that will be created thanks to the comprehensive modernization of the historical tenement house. The building has more than 4100 square meters of a modern office space to offer, which spreads on 6 floors over the ground level, including 500 square meters of service and commercial space on the ground floor.

Typical office floor with a surface area of approximately 600 square meters guarantee a possibility of designing the office in open space, cabinet and residental layout as well. Additionally, the building provides a range of conveniences to its tenants and guests, such as conference center, restaurant, three-level underground parking and area for cyclists.

For more information, please go on:



T.:+48 22 128 00 28


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