The immediate surroundings of Kamienica Ordynacka combine the history and the modernity: in the near proximity, next to Tamka street, there is the Ostrogski Castle with a Golden Duck guarding the treasure in it’s cellars. Next door there is an austere glass building of the Fryderyk Chopin Museum in Warsaw. The silence of the green park of Bohdan Wodiczka, situated in front of Kamienica, is gently interrupted by Chopin’s mazurkas performed by virtuosos of the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music. Below, at the foot of the slope, there is a magnificent view on the Vistula River and the illuminated pylon of the Świętokrzyski bridge.


Kamienica Ordynacka was built at the time when its adjacent neighbourhood — the streets of Okólnik, Ordynacka and Szczygla — blossomed under the patronage of prominent Warsaw families. This part of the city became an elegant district of elites, where luxury apartment houses were erected alongside the representative public buildings: the Warsaw Conservatory connected to the former Ostrogowski Castle, the building of Staniewski Circus in Warsaw with a four-storey auditorium for 3000 spectators, and the Chapel of St. Vincent à Paulo, where the most exclusive weddings took place. Today the circus, the chapel and the building of conservatory do not exist any more, but Kamienica Ordynacka is one of the few townhouses in Śródmieście to survive the turmoil of the twentieth century. It is still situated in the most stylish part of Warsaw. Okólnik street is a picturesque place hidden just behind the Royal Route. You can see all famous buildings situated in Nowy Świat and Krakowskie Przedmieście streets, including Staszic Palace, Warsaw University, the Presidential Palace, Bristol Hotel and the Royal Palace during one short walk. It is close to elegant boutiques, trendy restaurants and cafés and you can quickly get to the energetic bustle of the city centre: underground, the building of the Warsaw Stock Exchange and the surroundings of the Palace of Culture


The building of Kamienica Ordynacka has stood at the corner of Okólnik and Ordynacka streets for more than one hundred years. Built in 1912 in the area of former Krasiński Entail (Ordynacja Krasińskich), it was one of the few buildings to survive in an almost unchanged form. Harmonious, radiant façade in a neoclassical style, which was once typical for the entire quarter, is ornamented only by delicate laurels-shaped rustications and bas-reliefs referring to the crest of the Krasiński family. The building was neglected and forgotten for a long time, but thanks to fastidious renovation works in the interior, it is restored to its former glory and again becomes the gem of Śródmieście. The two inner courtyards — being the source of additional natural lighting in apartments — will change out of all recognition. Light stone, carefully designed green areas, openwork and geometrical canopies over the new entrances to the staircases and original lamps will lend them the sophisticated elegance. The building gate will become a stylish passage from a gloomy street to the world of harmonious elegance. The design of renovated halls of Kamienica Ordynacka is a modern adaptation of the stylish aesthetics of the twenties of the last century. Light walls, white marble stairs, oak doors, brass details, stunning elevator doors due to the secession style lines, Art Deco ornaments of the lintels, preserved black-and-white checkered floors — the interior, creating an impression that the time stopped at the moment when an elegant form was as important as good manners. It is a promise of luxury of these high apartments overlooking the Vistula river, the unique character of which cannot be found in new buildings.


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