Icon Retail Park will be built in Dolny Mokotów in Warsaw, offering approximately 2500 square meters of space to lease. The building will have three floors. On the ground floor there will be commercial and service premises of popular chains (including supermarket, drugstore and clothing store), while on the first floor a developer will provide medical clinic. The underground will contain 86 parking places conveniently connected by elevators with higher floors.

The newest investment of the experienced developer will be located next to a new Czerniakowska-BIS route that connect Czerniakowska street with Trasa Siekierkowska route. The development of this area of Mokotów supports local plan of landscape planning, which establishes the extension of local infrastructure, that is: new bus lines and tram line in the future, as well as cycle paths and pavements.

The area of Bluszczańska street, where Icon Retail Park is being constructed, developes intensively, thanks to the numerous housing and office investments. In the nearest vicinity there are green territories and in proximity Łazienki Królewskie (The Royal Baths Park) is situated.

The investment shall be finalized in 2018

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